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    76th AGM Saturday 7 October 2017, Holiday Inn, Glasgow

    1. Present: Hugh Anderson, Pat Barron, Colin Bryce, George Campbell, Brian Caulfield, Mike Cipolato, Gerry Devine, Fr. Stephen Dunn, Mark Dunn, Ian Dunn, Tony Duncan, Ralph Giulianotti, Neil Godfrey, Nigel Guthrie, Martin Harrison, Erich Harrison, Owen Halloran, Laurence Hogarth, Vinnie Igoe, Stefan Janikiewicz, Vic Macari, Philip Mooney, Paddy Mulligan, Henry Murphy, Angus Mackinnon, Shane Mackenzie, Thomas O’Hey, Dermot O’Reilly, Vincent Policella, Maurice Taylor, John Tucker, Joseph Tucker, Ian Traquair, Mike Turnbull, Richard Welch.

    2. Apologies:Jim Brown, Ian Campbell, Kevin Deady, Ralph & Mark Giulianotti,  Colin McAllister, Alasdair Macdonald, Tom Murphy, Colin Peteranna, Chris Stephenson, and Fr. Benedict who sent his good wishes to all.

    3. Opening Prayer: Fr. Stephen Dunn our chaplain read the OB’s prayer, taken from the association book of rules and regulations May 1976.

    4. Minutes of the 2016 AGM: Having been circulated were passed as an accurate record – proposed for adoption by Pat Barron, seconded by Laurence Hogarth.

    5. Matters Arising:

    (a) A letter of support for Fr. Benedict regarding the court case for physical abuse was sent to his lawyer on behalf of the OBs. Other personal letters by OBs were also sent. Dr. Angus Mackinnon and Ralph Giulianotti gave lengthy statements to the police. The case came to trial in May, and OBs Martin Waugh, Colin Peteranna, Stephen Risi and Fr. William Maclean who were pupils at that time appeared on his behalf. Out of the eight accusers Fr. Benedict was only found guilty on one count and fined £1,000.

    (b) Fr. Francis Davidson celebrated his 60th Anniversary of his clothing as a monk, a Mass card was sent for his intentions. His health has since deteriorated due to heart problems. Kevin Deady had been to see him and reported he had been given the Last Rites.

    6 . The Website: Around 100 Newsletters are sent out annually to OBs without computers. Colin Bryce revealed the Website now uses Word Press to make it more user- friendly. He will be employing a specialist to enhance the site, this will bring back the photo gallery as well as other improvements. The OBs donated £200 towards the upgrading.  A big vote of thanks was given to Colin for all his hard work and his financial help towards the upgrade and to Chris for hosting the website.

    7. Committee Report: Last years Dinner was a great success with OB guest speaker Pat Barron giving us a talk on his adventures sailing the French Canals. A full report was in the April Newsletter. In April 2017 three committee members went to F.A.  to send out the Newsletter from Chris’s Caledonian Hotel. We inspected the Monk’s graveyard the grass was cut and the crosses legible. We also noted the construction of an all-weather cricket pitch, which has since been completed for the local F.A. and F.W. teams. Campbell Burnett son of Abbey Geography master Bob Burnett plays for the local team. The OBs donated £100 to costs with the proviso we can use it whenever we wish. We were very impressed with the general appearance and the excellent facilities of the Highland Club.

    8. Treasurer’s Report: Mark Dunn stated that the balance in our account was £4,911, an increase of £70. The cost of membership will remain at £10 per annum, life membership £100. The OBs gave a big vote of thanks to Mark for all his hard work.

    9. Elections:
    The current officials were re-elected en bloc proposed by Ian Traquair and seconded by Martin Harrison. Fr. Benedict President, Owen Halloran V.P., Ralph Giulianotti Chair. for another year!, Mike Turnbull Sec., Mark Dunn Treasurer, Colin Bryce Webmaster, Committee: Chris Stephenson, Laurence Hogarth (England), Brian Caulfield, Colin Peteranna and Vinnie Igoe.

    Deaths: Thomas Edward McLaughlin nephew of Fr.Thomas, Alison McDonald, wife of the late Hamish and mother of OGs Fiona, Sheena and Heather. Tony Duncan, Chris Stephenson and Ralph Giulianotti represented the OBs at Alison’s funeral service. R.I.P.

    11. AOCB:We were fortunate to have John and Joseph Tucker attending the meeting. They are the brothers of Peter Tucker who died tragically on a three weekly-outing  in 1960 and is buried in the Monk’s Cemetery. Brian Caulfield who was on the outing gave a moving account of the incident  and how it was presumed Peter had fallen at the raised part of the Glen  Doe burn and was washed into Loch Ness. Brian remarked that Peter was a very clever boy. The meeting asked his brothers to convey the OBs sympathy and best wishes to their mother who is in her nineties. The  ashes of his father Frank (1912-93) are also in the Cemetery. Our chaplain will remember all deceased OBs in his Masses. Laurence Hogarth volunteered to organise another outing to Ampleforth in September 2018, but has since been told the monks are to be decanted out of the Abbey and monks quarters for two years during renovations, so Unfortunately we will have to put this on hold. Philip Mooney asked if anyone knew the whereabouts of OBs Fr. Alan Grisewood and one of the Caruanas.

    12. Date of next AGM and Dinner: Saturday 6th October 2018 at the Holiday Inn, West Nile Street, Glasgow, with the AGM at 7.00 followed by dinner at 7.45pm.

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