Fort Augustus Abbey School
Old Boys Association

Membership of the Fort Augutus Abbey School Old Boys Association

The Fort Augustus Abbey School Old Boys Association has been running for many yares to support the School (when it was open) and latterly to provide a 'club' whereby OBs can meet annually. The OBs association produces an annual newsletter and supports financially charities and events which relate to the school. This website is run voluntarily to support those OBS who wish to remain in touch with each other and support the association.

The Old Boys Association has fewer members than the number of Old Boys who use the site and the forums.  As an Association, the FAOBA provides the annual dinner and provides contributions where it is called upon.  Membership is £10 per annum or £100 for a life membership.  If you are an Old Boy and would like to support the Association to continue in its task, you are strongly encouraged to join by contacting Ralph Guilianotti on 01738 624674.