Fort Augustus Abbey School
Old Boys Association

Recent events documented regarding the Abbey School at Fort Augustus

Recent events highlighted in the press and through the BBC documentary have deeply saddened Old Boys who attended the school. The abuse which has been documented is most disturbing and it is very sad to hear about former pupils' experiences at the school at the hands of monks whom we trusted and a member of staff. The Old Boys who were subject to abuse have not only suffered during their school days many years ago but have had to bear the burden of these appalling experiences over the many years which have passed. Words will not describe what some of our former peers have had to endure and we respect those who had the courage to speak publicly of these events. Although many of the perpetrators have since passed away, we hope that those who still hide their secrets can be brought to justice though the appropriate channels. For those pupils who feel they need to talk to someone about their experiences, Children 1st has set up a dedicated support line to deal with ex pupils from the school. Children 1st are a Scottish charity specialising in children, young people and their families. They can be contacted on 0800 345 7457. Police Scotland will also be very interested to hear of any further abuse claims. They can be contacted on 101 or via email at If Old Boys wish to contact a fellow Old Boy, please contact the webmaster (an ex pupil, see email address at the foot of the page) in confidence and I will provide some further contact details.

A statement from the English Benedictine congregation can be found at